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Linux based servers are low-cost, low-maintenance and very powerful!

The can serve multiple uses and solve many technical problems all within a much smaller hardware footprint

Ever mis-placed or lost your Microsoft installation disks? This is never a problem with a Linux installation. All of the distribution sources and install disks are available for immediate download WITHOUT ANY LICENSE FEES OR ACTIVATION CODES!!

Need an upgrade? Updates and upgrades can be performs WHILE THE SYSTEM CONTINUES TO RUN. (No re-boots are necessary for most updates). And... there is no cost for the updates or upgrades.

Have you ever had a computer down for any length of time due to a virus infection? Linux is relatively virus free. It has been Network Hardened by first being designed to be a part of the internet and second there are thousands of Linux developers keeping the code clean and safe from infections.

You can out-source your technology needs to us, or we can simply be another asset for your own IT department.

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